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Introducing Visualization Library

Visualization Library is an open source C++ middleware for 2D/3D graphics applications based on OpenGL, designed to develop portable applications for the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux/X11 operating systems.
Visualization Library can be especially useful in the following areas:

  • 3D/2D Scientific Visualization
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Visual Simulation
  • Data Visualization
  • Presentations
  • Multimedia applications
  • Special effects
  • 3D/2D games

Visualization Library is a 3D/2D graphics rendering middleware and not a 3D engine or a game engine, it is intended to be the base upon which such applications (among many others) can be developed.

Visualization Library and OpenGL

Visualization Library’s aim is to help the OpenGL programmer by providing a versatile and reusable set of tools that boost the project’s development and ease the application’s life cycle. By adopting Visualization Library instead of plain OpenGL the developer is immersed in a fully C++ object-oriented framework which provides a safer, quicker and more intuitive way of managing common OpenGL tasks. The power of the object-oriented paradigm is especially evident when applied to complex projects or when using advanced OpenGL features such as OpenGL Shading Language, Frame Buffer Objects, Multiple Render Targets, multiple rendering pipelines, Vertex and Pixel Buffer Objects, geometry multi instancing and so on, whose intricacy and power can be easily overwhelming if not properly handled.

Visualizations Library Business Goals

Visualization Library Business Information sets up your primary resource hub for information. Visualization Library has a large library database of information regarding all sorts of business types. We range from Business Development to Health & Wellness Business, all to ensure the most accurate information is presented. With help from San Diego SEO –, we update our Visualization Library weekly.

Development status and future directions

Visualization Library Alpha 2

  • Internal design improvements
  • Geometry Shaders
  • More advanced demos and tests to proof Visualization Library’s design
  • Advanced picking system

Visualization Library Alpha 3

  • Texturing support improvements
  • OBJ support
  • COLLADA support
  • Analyzation Data by SEO Marketing NJ
  • Better multilingual text support
  • Resource management
  • Image class improvements, 1D/2D/3D sampling functions, JPG and PNG formats support
  • VirtualFile-based IO system
  • Win32 and Qt4 sample GUI bindings
  • Text rendering optimizations