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History Behind New York City

History Behind New York City published on No Comments on History Behind New York City

Old photo of New York CityThe city known as the New York City is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the whole world. It is known to be the center of museums, sports, entertainment, finance, and a whole lot more. A lot of people want to move into the city to experience a great life.

While there are lots of people interested in staying, either temporarily or permanently, in the Big Apple, only a few knows the history of the said city. While people are enjoying what the present city is like, they are not aware of what transpired in the past that made it a great city. It would be great if people know the history of NYC.

The first person who discovered the area now known as the New York City was Giovanni da Verrazano way back in 1524. Verrazano wasn’t an American but a European. He was the one commanding the La Dauphine French ship at that time. They sailed to the area and anchored there. He left soon enough to proceed with his voyage but not after naming the area Nouvelle-Angouleme.

Another historical person to note is Henry Hudson. This is the person who discovered and established the first European settlement in the area way back in 1609. His ship, Half Moon, sailed to find a passage to Asia. Unfortunately, he never found one though but he was able to discover the area now known as New York City. Here, he took note of the rich beaver population. At that time, Beaver pelts were massively popular in Europe, and that became the force that started the settlement in the area.

This particular settlement was established to be a Dutch trading colony. It was named as New Amsterdam. This name changed when the British siege control of these colonies in 1664. It was then that the area became known as New York.

It was said that NYC is one of the important cities during the period of the Revolutionary War. Interestingly, it even became the capital of the United States. By the year 1800s, the city because of an important seaport on the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to the Erie Canal opening which provides access to the Great Lakes. NYC became the center of trade back then, which eventually resulted in a substantial population growth.

Immigrants who are looking to start a new life came to New York City as well. Right around the early 1900s, millions of immigrants came over through the Ellis Island seeking for citizenship in the US. Most of these immigrants then settled in NYC. Even in the past, NYC was the city with the most diverse population in the world.

As time passed by, NYC has evidently grown to become a great population center in the US. It also became a center of various activities. Aside from that, the place also gained popularity thanks to establishments such as restaurants, music instrument lessons, and scenery such as the skyline, Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, and Statue of Liberty. The Big Apple is now one of the best tourist destinations around the world.